I have been playing the drums since the year 2000. Here is a brief timeline of my endeavors in music:

» In 2001, I first met and collaborated with Samantak Sinha (Sunny), and musician turned writer Sougata Basu. Since then we have been close friends and band-mates across a variety of bands.

» From 2002 to 2005, I played with several bands, including "Sandhan". I recorded an album with "Sandhan" titled "Dhusor Akash".

» In 2005, a few like minded friends (including the two mentioned above), and I, formed the Art Rock band Empty Spaces.

» In 2009, with Empty Spaces we recorded and released the concept album Jibon Britto

» In 2012, Empty Spaces released its second album Abol Tabol, based on Sukumar Ray's book of the same name.

» From 2008 to 2010, while I was in Bangalore, I used to play with Anupam Roy.

» In 2016 I recorded the drums for the tracks Circling Around and The Sun and The Moon for Dharav Shah's maiden album Luxuries of Life

Note: Most of my endeavors with original music has been with the Bengali language, a language with its own dialect and script, having its roots in Sanskrit. Know more about this incredibly rich literary language from here, here, and here.


» My acoustic gear is a vintage-red 5-piece TAMA Superstar. I have always been a fan of the crisp and bright sound of the Zildjian A Custom series, and my 14" Hi-Hats, 16" & 18" Crashes, and 20" Ride are of this series. I also use a Zildjian ZHT 16" China, and a 10" Splash.

» My electronic gear is a Yamaha DTX 500 module with Alesis trigger pads.

Selected Videography:

Music video of "Achena Chobi" from Empty Spaces' first album "Jibon Britto", 2009
Live with Empty Spaces on TARA TV, July 2010
Live with Anupam Roy, Oct 2008
Live with "Sandhan" on Zee Bangla TV, Oct 2005

Arizona State University:

» At Arizona State University (2012 - 2016), I was involved with the Le Kaapi Projekt