Industry Experience

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March 2017 - present: Visa Inc. ()
» Staff Software Engineer, at Visa Commerce Solutions
» Research and Dev lead for fraud detection and prevention mechanisms for Visa's card-linked offers platform.
» Research responsibilities include researching novel techniques for fraud detection and prevention mechanisms unique to card-linked offers
» Dev work involves implementing fraud detection & resolution rules, developing/improving the card-linked offers fraud detection framework, and developing data aggregation and anomaly detection mechanisms from transaction data

May 2016 - August 2016 : PayPal Inc. (3 months)
» Technical Intern (Ph.D), summer internship at the PayPal Credit team
» Worked on porting the functionality of the PayPal Credit offer eligibility RESTful service to a new code framework
» Wrote 1200+ functional test cases that covered all buyer, seller, country and transaction credit eligibility request configurations for testing the service

Aug 2006 – July 2012 : Oracle Corporation (6 years)
» Senior Member Technical Staff at Oracle's Cloud Services.
» Recipient of the "Top Performer Award" of 2012 from Joanne Olsen, SVP, Oracle, for "outstanding and lasting contribution to the Oracle Cloud Services business"
» Completed the Oracle PRIMA program for FY 2011-12, a year-long leadership training program for future management professionals.

Jan 2006 - June 2006 : Oracle Corporation (6 months)
» Internship as Project Trainee at Oracle Corporation
» Developed an online QA Automation Framework for large-scale data-centers