Visa Commerce Solutions Hackathon Winners
Visa Inc., Foster City, CA, April 2018


The "Fraud Squad": Winners of the Visa Commerce Solutions Hackathon 2018 at Visa for building a model to predict fraud in Visa's card-linked-offer (CLO) transactions using machine learning.

Best Engineering Innovation using Open Source Technologies
Intuit Inc., Mountain View, CA, September 2017

For building Raptor -- A Network Tool for Mitigating the Impact of Spatially Correlated Failures in Infrastructure Networks, Arun Das, Arunabha Sen, Chunming Qiao, Nasir Ghani, and Nathalie Mitton.
Published in the Annals of Telecommunications, 2018. Full text of the paper is here.
Won an Apple iWatch S3 :)

Best Demo Paper -- iCube Conference 2017 (Internal to Visa Inc.)
Visa Inc., Foster City, CA, September 2017


For the paper "Fraud Detection for Visa’s Card-Linked Offers: Challenges and Opportunities", Arun Das, Ashay Verma, Ashwin Mathur.
Published in the proceedings of iCube 2017, an annual global technology conference internal to Visa Inc. Held in Foster City, California, USA.

Best Student Led Startup
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, May 2015


As a team, followed the Lean Startup methodology to validate and develop StudentGig, the Student-to-Student Marketplace app. Won $1K of seed funding and placed 1st out of 12 teams.
Featured as one of the upcoming student startup teams of Arizona State University’s Fulton Schools of Engineering in 2015.

Best Research Paper -- IEEE 6th International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM)
Barcelona, Spain, November 2014

For the paper "Region based Fault-tolerant Distributed File Storage System Design Under Budget Constraint", Anisha Mazumder, Arun Das, Chenyang Zhou, and Arunabha Sen.
Published in the proceedings of the International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM) IEEE, 2014.

Top Performer -- Oracle Cloud Services Team
Oracle Corp., Bangalore, India, March 2012